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Cool Musical Theater videos at pbs

There is so much information on the internet.  Crescent City Lights is working on updating their resources as a reference for you, our visitor who is interested in musical theater.

The first week in January brings musical theater to the forefront of the PBS LearningMedia website.  Chockful of short videos, the arts section has a terrific series about about the many aspects of musical theater and theater in general. It’s great opportunity for you, our interested audience members, to learn more about the musical theater process in short chunks of time.  Great, too, to share with your family and learn along with your kids.

Broadway or Bust takes a peek behind the curtain with this dynamic look at the development of a live musical theater performance.

Annie of Broadway is a collection of short videos about all of the behind the scenes jobs needed for a successful musical.

These are only two of the topics available on theater at the PBS Learning Media site.  Click here for the link to their recent e-newsletter.  You do have to register for their site to use it however it’s FREE!

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